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The Andersons A+ Complete Turf Health System (11.14.11)

The Andersons A+ Complete Turf Health System is a unique combination of technologies to provide turf managers the most advanced nutrition for the most demanding, finely manicured turf in the world.

The A+ Complete Turf Health System combines the most complete and balanced dispersible granule nutrients (Contec DG) and other control products (DG Pro), along with our new Foltec foliar nutrients and incorporates them all into an advanced modeling tool we call the Turf Nutrition Tool, or TNT Ultra.

“When you use this Turf Nutrition Tool, it’s where science and the art of greenskeeping collide,” said Ed Price, who has all of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia in his region for The Andersons. “There are some epiphanies, ‘Oh, that’s why that fertilizer works like it does, because of soil temperatures.’”

It begins with The Andersons’ environmentally friendly Contec DG, which delivers dispersible granule nutrients to the soil and plants as baseline nutrition. This building base of nutrients will aid in bringing the soil and biological populations to their full potential.

Combine this baseline nutrition with the new special line of Foliar Nutrient products specifically designed to compliment the baseline nutrition strategy and proven Contec DG products.

“It comes full circle to explain the whole scenario,” Price said. “It really has revolutionized or transformed the way guys are thinking about how they deliver nutrition.”

New Foltec Foliar Nutrients are technically advanced to achieve high efficiency absorption and plant tissue feeding. These properties are particularly effective for non-plant mobile nutrients like iron and manganese or for periods of high stress or low moisture. The use of Foltec products has been integrated into the TNT Ultra for Turf Managers.

The Foltec line includes three families of products – products containing amino acids, which aid in energy conservation during stress periods, products containing sea-plant extracts, which contain elicitors of plant hormone responses and has shown to aid the plant during times of stress and products that contain both amino acids and sea plant extracts.

“We spent our time doing our homework on the foliar aspects of this business and we’ve got a really nice product offering,” Price said.

“Having 14 manufacturing plants that are our own, we’re not sending it out to have someone else do it. We’re building it ourselves and that’s really important to us.”

University testing has shown the turf manager can get so much more out of their nutrition by optimizing nutrition above and below the surface by combining with a Contec DG base-line nutrition program. Typically foliar nutrients are used almost exclusively on finely cut turf like putting greens during high-stress periods. Testing has shown a base-line nutrition program using Contec DG throughout summer months, with a compliment of Foltec foliar nutrition, provides superior results. What is most surprising to turf managers is that a program of Foltec plus Contec DG, typically is significantly less costly than a complete foliar program from the national brands.

“Part of the embracing is they had a perception, ‘Oh my gosh, this is going to be way more expensive,” Price said of some of the early reactions he received about the program before turf managers knew the complete picture.

“They’re seeing efficiencies in the uses of these materials,” he said. “Guys are saying this is really helping me hone in my purchases.”

What is new with Contec DG and DG Pro?

Contec DG and DGpro have established themselves as the pre-eminent choice for putting greens, tees and high-value sports-field applications. The Andersons has introduced new higher visibility Contec DG specifically for easier applications. And we have also expanded the Contec DG line with new dispersible formulas.

Additionally, we have added two new dispersible formulas to enhance our turf health system. We are introducing DGLime (SGN100) and DGGypsum (SGN100) as well. Both formulas are dispersing formulas suitable for finely-cut turf and disperse into with soil with 0.2" of irrigation or precipitation. For best results check the turf 10 minutes after irrigation and apply an additional 0.1" if needed.

Tie it all together with the TNT Ultra

Thousands of superintendents have been discovering the power of using The Andersons Turf Nutrition Tool (TNT) software to select the right product combinations to match specific needs and conditions to apply at the optimum rates and times for turf.

Our newest version, the TNT Ultra, integrates Foltec applications, soil test recommendations and a new summary page to help the professional turf manager optimize turf nutrition and health. And good news for customers, the newest TNT continues to be free for turf managers to download.

And guarantee it with the A+Guarantee

You can feel confident in our A+ Complete Turf Health System because we stand behind it with the A+ Guarantee! The A+ Complete Turf Health System is designed to deliver total turf nutrition with guaranteed results. If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of our system we will make it right. It is that simple!

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