Mission Statement

The golf course turfgrass management industry is a challenging profession. To help meet the challenge, golf course superintendents and industry suppliers need a strong professional organization. The WWGCSA is that organization! By joining this organization, you are represented on a local, regional and national level.

The WWGCSA is an affiliate chapter with the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), and it is dedicated to the highest standards in modern course management. Every member of the WWGCSA is also automatically a member of the Northwest Turfgrass Association (NTA). The NTA is a 501c(3) organization that provides funding for education, research, and scholarship in the Pacific Northwest. It is comprised of members from the Western Washington, Oregon, and Inland Empire (Eastern Washington and Idaho) Golf Course Superintendents Associations.

The WWGCSA is a non-profit entity and consists of professionals from the Cascades to the Pacific and from the British Columbia border south to Vancouver, Washington. The chapter has evolved from a small group of turf managers in the early 1950s with common goals into an association of 340 members to date. These individuals, whether they are golf course superintendents, athletic field turf managers or equipment/fertilizer suppliers, form a unique bond in the preservation and management of one of the most intricate parts of our environment, turfgrass.

WWGCSA believes strongly in a commitment to excellence. This commitment is based on the premise that through joining like forces with similar needs, a stronger body will result for the benefit of all of us. Our strength lies in the participation of members like you – members who are eager to share their expertise and unify the profession.

The WWGCSA is guided by its membership through a Board of Directors consisting of Affiliate and Superintendent members. Board members are elected at the Annual Membership meeting and serve one and three-year terms, respectively. The Board is responsible for recruiting member volunteers and providing direction for five vital committees: Environmental/Government Relations; Media; Education/Programs; Membership/GCSAA; and the Ethics Committee.

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